My Plan

You won’t hear the other candidates in this race talk about what they’ll actually do if elected. I’m not like the other candidates.

I believe strongly it’s time for Mississippi to lead. We’ve followed, been the “slow learners”, for too long. It’s my belief by leading the southeast in legalizing marijuana, medically and recreationally, and taking a leading role in all our policy we can:

  1. Grow and Invest in our Economy- Mississippi is watching other states experience unprecedented economic growth for taking advantage of the same choices we’ve been refusing to make. legalizing and taxing marijuana will create thousands of jobs in a multi-million industry and generate revenues that could be used to fix crumbling schools and roads.

  2. Eliminate “Brain Drain”- It’s time our children stopped leaving after college to get jobs in Dallas and Atlanta. But nobody can blame them with what we offer them right now. We rank 48th in economic prosperity and 49th in economic opportunity (as a point of interest, Colorado ranks 1st in the latter). Creating growth will require leading the southeast in promoting 21st century industries.

  3. Healing People- Thousands of Mississippians suffer: everything from the aches and pains of age to deadly diseases like cancer and HIV. Medical Marijuana is a proven, highly effective treatment for all these people, and will even go further by beginning to reverse our opioid addiction epidemic.

  4. Healing Government- Our state government is broken. Our roads and schools are crumbling, our economy is falling further and further behind, and our representatives are increasingly beholden to special interests and partisanship. As an independent voice, I can begin to bridge the divide and start getting things done. To start, I’d take three majors steps to start healing fractures: first, exonerate nonviolent marijuana crimes; second, ensure the “little guy” is treated fairly in every piece of legislation; third, commission the design of a new flag that will better symbolize our prosperous future instead of the recent history of failed leadership.

  5. Fight for Veterans- As a veteran, this is very dear to me. Veterans risk their lives for our country and our freedom. The least we can do is ensure they are warmly welcomed and given every opportunity to heal and advance in civil society when they return.

  6. Term Limits- The same officials that got us in this mess have been in power for far too long. Term limits is a proven tool for preventing corruption.

  7. Fight for the Little Guy- Too often our state’s policies benefit the powerful few to the detriment of the great body of the people. In all our initiatives, especially initiatives like marijuana legalization, my first priority will be generating jobs and ensuring tax revenues are spent helping the Mississippians who have been mistreated so long.

I have a strong purpose to fulfill my creator's will and pray daily to find his favor. His guidance has always and will always inform all of my views and decisions.