Big Dave Singletary

I was born and raised in 1957 in south Jackson, MS., around Alta Woods, where My parents owned and operated a small appliance repair business. They taught me about hard work, entrepreneurship, prayer, and the American dream.

From there, I served six years in the Air Force, attaining the rank of staff Sergeant in the Air National Guard. My time in the military was a defining time in my life, and I believe strongly that we need more veterans representing us in government.

After graduating from Millsaps College I got my MBA at Southern Miss, before owning and operating The Breakers Inn in Biloxi, MS and the High Country Lodge in New Mexico. This led me on a successful career in business, most especially developing additional commercial and industrial real estate in Mississippi. Many problems in government today start with politicians who have never signed the front of a paycheck.

Now, I want to give back. It’s time for a change in Jackson. I’m running for Governor to bring prosperity to my fellow citizens in Mississippi. I’m running for governor because I’m tired of seeing so many people so sick when we have the power to help them. I’m running for governor because our traditional political parties and politicians have failed us. I’m running for Governor because, as as a single father, I can’t stand by and watch while we leave my son a worse future than one our parents left us. Mississippi has spent enough time trying to catch up. It’s time to move forward and it’s time to legalize marijuana. I’m a 62 year old veteran to is tired of the government babysitting me and I know I’m not alone.

If you’re sick and tired of the status quo, I humbly ask you support me, Big Dave Singletary, for Governor of Mississippi. Let the healing begin.

  • Florence High School, class of 1975

  • Millsaps College, B.B.A. 1985

  • University of Southern Mississippi, M.B.A. 1989

  • Hinds Community College, A.A.S. 2011

  • Securities License

  • Health, Life and Property, & Casualty Insurance License

  • MS Real Estate Brokers License

  • Certified Hotelier License

  • Veteran: Staff Sergeant, Air National Guard, 172nd squadron, Flowood, MS

  • First and foremost: a father and follower of Jesus Christ